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Privacy Policy

Weber Systems Inc.
Online Privacy Policy
(March 26, 2009)

Your privacy is important to us at Weber Systems inc. (hereafter "Weber"). We understand the importance of protecting the information that we collect about you, our users. We have developed this Privacy Policy so as to endeavor to balance our legitimate business interests in collecting and using information with the expectations of our users for privacy for the personal information provided to us when they visit our web sites. Please review the entire policy. Please contact us at should you have any questions. Our privacy policy may change, so please check periodically to be certain you are familiar with our current policy.

How Weber Collects User Information
Weber gathers user information in a number of ways: personal information such as name, address, email address, telephone number that you provide when registering or when purchasing products, as well as site activity and tracking data from our use of "cookies" and other activity logging.

"Cookie" is technical jargon for pieces of computer code placed on your computer's hard drive. Websites use cookies to keep you, the user, logged in to the site, to password protect the site, and to monitor the use of the site. Cookies can also be used to obtain information about your computer and your use of that computer. Cookies can be used to gather information about you. This may or may not be personal information. But, by using this site, you are expressly giving Weber permission to use "cookies" and to use the information gathered from their use.

You also may be served cookies while visiting our advertiser's sites. We have no control over our advertiser's use of cookies.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can usually change your browser so as to decline cookies. If you opt to decline cookies, you might not be able to access certain features on our sites.

Weber's web sites may contain links to other web sites. Should you visit these web sites, we suggest that you read their online privacy as their policy might differ from ours.

How Weber Uses Personal Information We Collect
Weber encourages our users to register with us so that we can learn more about our customers, keep them updated, and provide them with potentially valuable information.

Personal information that we gather from registered users may be added to our databases. We also use personal information for the purpose of communicating information regarding services, news and issues related to our site, and other general correspondence of potential interest to the user. The data that we collect from cookies and browser identification provides demographic data about our viewers that we use to improve our service and tailor our offerings. Personal data including data that we collect from cookies may also be used to inform advertisers as to how many visitors have seen or clicked on their advertisements, for other marketing or promotional purposes, for an analysis of site users' behavior, or for site content improvement.

Sharing of Information with Third Parties/User's Right to Opt-Out
Weber may provide personal information, voluntarily provided by our users, to third parties, who provide products and/or services that Weber believes our users may be interested in learning about, purchasing, or otherwise acquiring. Many users find this to be a desirable service.

If you do not wish us to share your personal information with third parties, you may uncheck the opt-in box in the registration form. This is labeled as follows: "Information from other vendors that we believe might be of interest." This box is checked by default, signaling your desire to receive third party information. Should you remove the check from this box, we will not share your personal information with third party vendors.

Additionally, you can provide us with an opt-out notice at any time by emailing Or you can mail an opt-out notice to:
Privacy Manager, Weber Systems Inc, 2101 W. Wadley #24, Midland TX 79705. Regardless of any opt-out notice, we reserve the right to provide your personal information to third parties if we, in good faith, believe we are required to do so by law or if doing so is necesary to protect the rights and property of Weber or our users.

Updating Your Personal Information
You can change your personal information at any time by emailing Once we have updated your personal information, we will send you a confirmation by email.

Security Weber has undertaken various security features so that your personal information is secure. This includes firewalls and a secure server. Nevertheless, please be advised that perfect security is not attainable on the internet. We cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any information communicated to us via our sites or by email, and we are not responsible for the security of information transmitted via the internet or by email. Once information has been transmitted to us, we use our best efforts to ensure its security.

Weber Systems Inc. is in no way affiliated with any of the any companies referenced in this web site. Any references and or mention of company names in this web site or the accompanying computer code are for identification purposes only and are not Trade Marks or Trade Names used by or affiliated with Weber Systems Inc.

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